SnapCap Restricted Industries

SnapCap Serves The Broadest Range Of Industries In Alternative Lending


SnapCap has provided funding to thousands of industries since 2012. Unfortunately, there are industries that are beyond our ability to service due to legal or risk considerations. The list below contains those industries that present challenges to funding.



Flea Markets

Precious Metal Sales

Vehicle & Home Sales

Manufactured/Mobile Home Dealers

Managerial Outsourcing

Contracted Management Services

Payroll Companies

Call Centers & Answering Services

Mailing & Fulfillment Houses

Title Companies/Escrow Agents


Stenography & Court Reporters



Travel Agencies

Vehicle Manufacturing

Video Rental

Blood & Organ Banks

Online Auctions

Adult Entertainment/Materials


Drug Paraphernalia & Dispensaries

Horoscope / Fortune Telling

Museums, Zoos, Historical Sites

Financial Services

Bail Bonds

Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders

Non-Bank Finance Companies

Money Services Businesses

Collection Agencies

Debt and Tax Reduction Services

Investment Consulting

Lessors of Real Estate