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Customer Stories

SnapCap provides exceptional service and value to small businesses. Read about our clients’ experiences.

MICHAELPrairie Creek Beverages – Dallas, TX
Michael Howard found himself struggling to maintain fantastic growth rates during his second year of heading the wine and spirits company, Prairie Creek Beverages. He needed swift funding to keep pace with the company’s success, so he obtained a one-year loan of $200,000 from SnapCap to meet Prairie Creek Beverages’ immediate needs. As a result, his business continues to grow.

FLORENCECafé Framboise – Charleston, SC
Florence needed capital to meet the expenses of her new café in Charleston, SC. She decided to go with SnapCap because the processing was much faster than a regular bank. “It was an easy process, it went smoothly, and we had the money right away.” Florence emphasized how helpful SnapCap was throughout the entire process, saying she would definitely work with them again.

DARIN & SIERRAJump on the School Bus – Santa Barbara, CA
Jump on the School Bus is a wine tour and wedding transportation company that faced cash flow challenges because of industry seasonality. In order to pay a generalized liability deposit for each bus, due in the business’s slower months, the owners turned to SnapCap for a $20,000 loan. The company is now going from strength to strength, operating 14 buses year-round.

THE WILSONSFranchise Restaurant – Peoria, IL
Larry and Sharon Wilson built a franchise of a popular gourmet sandwiches chain 18 years ago. When unexpected expenses impacted the business, the Wilsons found themselves financially strapped on both business and personal levels. SnapCap worked with the Wilsons to stay on track with their expenses and provided them with a loan to help the business’s cash flow.

JOHNSchool of the Immaculata — Philadelphia, PA
As a non-profit, John Giotis found it difficult to obtain any funding to open a second school. After getting turned down by a local bank, Mr. Giotis went online to search for alternative business loan providers and came across SnapCap. He was able to obtain a $10,000 loan with an 8-month repayment term which enabled him to open a second campus.

MARAEmerge PR — Marshfield, MA
Mara Stefan found her business in a big predicament caused by a single disruption to cash flow. Mara knew little about alternative lending, but appreciated SnapCap’s speed and service. “It took less than 24 hours—amazing! The speed and efficiency was very impressive.” SnapCap provided Mara with a $30,000 loan allowing her to continue running her business as normal.

We are Small Business

SnapCap was created to support growing businesses by connecting them with financing when they need it – without the hassle. We’ve helped businesses secure more than $975M in total funding in just eight years. We’d love to help you grow your business, too. Let’s see what we can achieve together.