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Recent Lending Transactions

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Our recent business lending transactions

Below are some select transactions that represent location and loan terms of current and past clients. SnapCap is proud to fund businesses in over 375 industries in all 50 states at many stages of their development.

Industry Location Amount Purpose Term
Medical Professionals Wilmington, DE $14K Business Expansion 9 months
Cafe and Bakeries Smithfield, VA $13K New Location 6 months
Sports Instruction Murfreesboro, TN $80K Working Capital 15 months
Trucking Downers Grove, IL $45K Payroll and Equipment 3 months
Home Health Care Services Cincinnati, OH $37K Business Expansion 6 months
Online Retailer San Clemente, CA $180K Debt Consolidation 12 months
Commercial Contractor Manassas, VA $130K Expansion & Growth 18 months
Sports Instruction Victor, NY $25K Marketing 3 months
Manufacturing Cleveland, OH $100K Payables 9 months
Manufacturing Phoenix, AZ $100K Inventory 6 months
Schools Atlanta, GA $60K Payroll and Marketing 15 months
Trucking Riverside, CA $40K Purchase Equipment 6 months
Gift, Novelty, Souvenir Stores Livermore, CA $80K Inventory 6 months
Sports Instruction Rockville, MD $15K Payroll 3 months
Home Remodeling Huntington Beach, CA $200K Working Capital 9 months
Home Health Care Services Plainfield, IL $20K Equipment 12 months
Home Builders Herrin, IL $16K Expansion & Growth 9 months
Medical Professionals Nederland, TX $25K Working Capital 3 months
Other Georgetown, KY $30K Payroll 12 months
Cleaning Services Owings Mills, MD $15K Working Capital 6 months
Fitness & Rec Facilities Nashville, TN $10K New Location 9 months
Fitness & Rec Facilities Simpsonville, SC $16K Inventory 3 months
Sports Instruction Wildomar, CA $25K Business Expansion 12 months
Manufacturing Isle of Palms, SC $20K Working Capital 9 months
Medical Professionals Wilmington, DELocation $14KAmount BusinessPurpose 9 monthsTerm
Cafe and Bakeries Smithfield, VALocation $13KAmount New LocationPurpose 6 monthsTerm
Sports Instruction Murfreesboro, TNLocation $80KAmount Working Capital Purpose 15 monthsTerm
Trucking Downers Grove, ILLocation $45KAmount Payroll and EquipmentPurpose 3 monthsTerm
Home Health Care Services Cincinnati, OHLocation $37KAmount Business ExpansionPurpose 6 monthsTerm
Online Retailer San Clemente, CALocation $180KAmount Debt ConsolidationPurpose 12 monthsTerm
Commercial Contractor Manassas, VALocation $130KAmount Expansion & GrowthPurpose 18 monthsTerm
Sports Instruction Victor, NYLocation $25KAmount MarketingPurpose 3 monthsTerm
Manufacturing Cleveland, OHLocation $100KAmount PayablesPurpose 9 monthsTerm
Manufacturing Phoenix, AZLocation $100KAmount InventoryPurpose 6 monthsTerm
Schools Atlanta, GALocation $60KAmount Payroll and MarketingPurpose 15 monthsTerm
Trucking Riverside, CALocation $40KAmount Purchase EquipmentPurpose 6 monthsTerm
Gift, Novelty, Souvenir Stores Livermore, CALocation $80KAmount InventoryPurpose 6 monthsTerm
Sports Instruction Rockville, MDLocation $15KAmount PayrollPurpose 3 monthsTerm
Home Remodeling Huntington Beach, CALocation $200KAmount Working Capital Purpose 9 monthsTerm
Home Health Care Services Plainfield, ILLocation $20KAmount EquipmentPurpose 12 monthsTerm
Home Builders Herrin, ILLocation $16KAmount Expansion & GrowthPurpose 9 monthsTerm
Medical Professionals Nederland, TXLocation $25KAmount Working CapitalPurpose 3 monthsTerm
Other Georgetown, KYLocation $30KAmount PayrollPurpose 12 monthsTerm
Cleaning Services Owings Mills, MDLocation $15KAmount Working Capital Purpose 6 monthsTerm
Fitness & Rec Facilities Nashville, TNLocation $10KAmount New LocationPurpose 9 monthsTerm
Fitness & Rec Facilities Simpsonville, SCLocation $16KAmount InventoryPurpose 3 monthsTerm
Sports Instruction Wildomar, CALocation $25KAmount Business ExpansionPurpose 12 monthsTerm
Manufacturing Isle of Palms, SCLocation $20KAmount Working Capital Purpose 9 monthsTerm


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