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We have higher approval rates than our competitors because we value performance over credit, collateral and your debt capacity. Unlike most banks, we aren't interested in your tax returns because they often mask your true business performance. If you can demonstrate modest cash flow over the preceding months we will find a solution for you.

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Take a look at our small business loan calculator to see how other loan options stack up against an alternative loan with SnapCap. See how adjusting credit quality, term and the loan amount may affect your choice for a loan provider.

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We understand small business owners are busy people and have no time for lengthy applications. Securing a loan with a traditional banking institution can take weeks from application to approval. With SnapCap you can apply online from your home or office and receive your loan results within hours.

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Traditional Bank Loans SBA Loan Merchant Cash Advance
Competitive Rates
Regulated Loan**
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*SBA stands for the Small Business Administration and is a United States Government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

**A regulated loan may report to the major credit bureaus and adheres to the best practices of loan making and fair interest rate assignment. Reporting may allow the user to build a positive credit history through responsible payment.